Wishes for the Orthodox Easter

The coming of Holy Week goes hand in hand with great problems for humanity and perhaps really great wishes are needed that could touch the ears of those in charge and make them heed.

Orthodoxy is experiencing one of its greatest modern divisions with the war in Ukraine, and at the same time it is mourning its children on both sides of the conflict. Other wars are pushing people into emigration, and news of the migrant death toll on the streets of Europe and West Africa is horrifying. More than 2,500 people died in 2022 and almost 400 in the first months of 2023. Among them many young children who have not had time to harm anyone or even to dream, since it is doubtful that they have experienced childhood in the unacceptable living conditions their. In this gloomy climate, our Church awaits the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and hopes that the holy days will rekindle faith in man and his instinct for self-preservation, along with faith in God. For our part, we deeply feel the need to wish all Christians not to lose their faith, and especially to the respected orders of Orthodoxy to continue preaching the hope, which Christ Himself perpetuated with His self-sacrifice on the Cross.

Our Patriarchate, our Church of Greece, the Christian churches of the entire planet, as they support Jesus Christ in His God-sent work with their ongoing support for man, whatever his color, like his language, like the his faith, since each of us is a mosaic of creation, the work of the one and only God.

Καλή Ανάσταση