The Office

The Representation Office of the Church of Greece is located in Brussels and has been operating since 1998, it is a service of the Holy Synod of the Holy Church of Greece abroad and is housed in a privately owned building that was inaugurated on October 4, 2003.

What is the office goal

The Mission

  1. To monitor and study any matter related to the current work, activities, researches and developments of the EU, the S.E. and of UNESCO and is of direct interest to the Church of Greece, so that it is possible to formulate relevant observations and proposals to the competent European and national authorities.
  2. To participate in the dialogue for peace, reconciliation and cooperation of the peoples of Europe, promoting and strengthening cultural and humanitarian activities and contributing to the strengthening of the cohesion of European society, respecting the diversity of the national and cultural identities of Europe.
  3. To support and promote the spiritual and cultural work of the Church of Greece mainly through its cooperation with the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO, as well as any other European body.
  4. To maintain and develop the tightening of relations with the Representatives of Churches, religious communities, Non-Governmental Organizations and generally representatives of Civil Society active in the European Union.
  5. To participate in activities, which are promoted at the European level and concern the religious, spiritual, humanitarian and economic solidarity between the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world, in order to strengthen the principles of mutual respect, mutual understanding and solidarity, within a spirit settlement and against xenophobia and racial discrimination.
  6. Contribute to the organization of events such as lectures, seminars, working groups, conferences and other similar events with topics related to the Orthodox tradition, History, Art, Education or topics of theological or communication content.

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The Director

Read about the director of the Representation Office of the Church of Greece in Brussels.

The Mission

Read about the team of the Representation Office of the Church of Greece in Brussels.

Office Address

The Address in Brussels​

Boulevard Saint-Michel 50 Bruxelles 1040 Belgium

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